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chloeoneChloe’s first birthday photo taken by professional photographer






chloe2 Chloe’s first bike taken on her first birthday

Holiday in Saltfleetby 27/09/13

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DSCF0004Saltfleetby is just north of Mablethorpe on the Lincolnshire coast. As we had all Friday to get there we did a detour via Coningsby and East Kirby. We had our lunch in the viewing area at Coningsby. After the 6 Typoons had landed, two Spitfires from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight landed. The one in the foreground gave a short aerobatic display before it came in.

Spitfire doing aerobatic display — click here Wish I could have held the camera steady.

DSCF0005This is a more recent mark of Spitfire. Would have been too late for the Battle Of Britain.

DSCF0006After Coningsby we visited the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre at East Kirby. Skye is just exiting the cockpit of a Canberra bomber. Just couldn’t get enough of those aeroplanes!

DSCF0007Main exhibit is a Lancaster bomber. It is not airworthy at the moment but they occasionally run up the Merlin engines. Dogs welcome in this museum.

DSCF0008Now that’s what you call an empty beach. Bright sunshine and nothing but sea and sand. Just north of Mablethorpe. As we were walking to the beach we met a group of 6 burly coast guards carrying a casualty on a stretcher. I thought it was an exercise but it turned out that one of the wind- carters had been lifted in the strong wind and slammed back onto the beach and broke his ankle.

DSCF0009Skye laid in the dunes resting, or is he? Could be pretending to be a lion waiting for a passing antelope!

DSCF0012Mam and Skye on the “dogs allowed” section of the beach at Mablethorpe.

DSCF0010Skye and his master relaxing in the sunshine outside the holiday cottage. It was a bit remote but the dunes were just down the road. They were teeming with rabbits.

DSCF0016The five sail windmill at Alford. It was working when we got there. We had to climb a few stairs to get to the floor where the flour was being produced. I bought a bag of flour and intend to make a loaf of bread.

Youtube Videos

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On Thursday 18th July 2013 it was a red hot day so we took Skye to Saltburn. Click here.

Annual bowls trip to Grassington on Friday 5th July 2013. Margaret throwing a mean bowl.

Skye and the River Wharfe on 19 June 2013

Skye on Surprise View on 31 May 2013

Tom and Josh at Harewood 25 May 2013

Bluebells in Middleton Woods 19 May 2013

Tom and Josh St Georges Day parade 28 Apr 2013

Mam and Skye at Dog Show 27 Apr 2013

Skye with us at Saltburn 15 Apr 2013

Trip to Amsterdam 24-27/06/2013

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Skye in the Snow

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Skye playing in the snow at Menston Park

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Rachael’s 40th Birthday Party

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On Saturday 19th Jan 2013 at Kobe’s Horsforth.

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Skye relaxing in Menston

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